Verano Boricua/ #RickyRenunica

The 2019 “verano boricua” brought a plurality of Puerto Rico’s population into the streets, united in the demand for Ricardo Rosselló to resign. Supported by mobilizations in the diaspora and beyond, the summer protests that ousted the governor were the largest in Puerto Rico’s modern history, marked by organic creativity, horizontalism, social media organization, and feminist and LGBTQ+ protagonism. This page provides bilingual resources as a starting point for understanding #RickyRenuncia beyond the leaked Telegram chat profanity. Sections explore federal intervention leading up to the #Rickyleaks explosion and various strands of indignation that catalyzed the protests. Resources include nuanced perspectives on the mobilizations, from their artistic and embodied characteristics, to state violence and repression that protestors experienced, feminist and LGBTQ+ catalysts, and forms of diasporic solidarity. Provoking a reflection on “¿Y ahora qué?” or “now what?,” the page also provides resources on popular democracy practices currently shaping the afterlives of #RickyRenuncia.