Section 4

Infrastructure & Everyday Crisis

The myriad ways in which the fiscal crisis threatens Puerto Ricans’ daily life, including health, education, and the environment.

The fiscal crisis threatens daily life

for Puerto Ricans in countless ways. This varied section examines attacks on Puerto Ricans’ health, education, and environment. Regarding health, Puerto Rico has always suffered from disparity in federal funding. However, healthcare will become even more precarious due issues such as cuts made to Medicare and Medicaid funds, medical professionals leaving the Island, and a general increase of mental health issues due to a wide-ranging feeling of fear and uncertainty. In relation to education, multiple authors report on the closing of hundreds of schools—forcing the relocation of thousands of students and the unemployment of many teachers. Other topics covered in this section are the spread of zika, drought, blackouts, landfills, toxic drinking water, and toxic ash. This section makes evident that if paying the debt is the priority, Puerto Ricans’ quality of life is barely regarded.

Junta Governance

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Health & Education

Health Care

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Public Education

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Infrastructural Neglect, Social and Environmental Degradation

Infrastructural Neglect

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Social & Environmental Degradation

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